Color Science for Brands and Packaging


ColoRecipe helps brand owners communicate their print expectations clearly, resulting in consistency, accountability and high definition color.


In a world of multiple standards, get printers to aim for the same target, whether they are printing Offset, Gravure, Flexo, Digital or Letterpress. Printers match each other across all substrates. Send artwork to multiple printers simultaneously and dramatically reduce variation.

Color Excellence

OPTIMIZE and OWN your BRAND and PACKAGING colors. Work with your existing design agency, repro and print companies. Improve vibrancy and achieve color consistency across all printing platforms and substrates.

Substrate Independent


FMCG Packaging is printed on a variety of substrates, 99% of which have no International Standards for inks or tone. ColoRecipe is the first substrate independent color standard for Brands

One Standard


For the first time, your brand packaging will achieve on-shelf consistency whether it is printed Offset, Flexo, Gravure, Digital or Letterpress and irrespective of ink system

Process, Spot & Digital


Aim values for both process and spot colours as well as tones are another first. Digital and conventional presses also aim for the same target